The first Day at Nu Tech Mediworld

Today it is Sunday, we can sleep!

The Delhi Times is the morning brought us to our room and a friendly doctor who leads a very polite, soft-spoken but equally. I do not recall his name. 

Numerous documents are required. 

 Whether drugs list or to me only too well-known Lyme Disease Symtomlist and the usual procedure in medical political endorsement letters, as well as explanations on the stem cell procedure. 

The neurological reflexes and internal organs in the focus of its activities. Shortly after, a second doctor, named Sudeep Sharma, who talks to me in excellent English comes into my room.  

"Yes, we find many Lyme disease patients are treated around the world, with good results, all have made massive improvements."
To my great joy, he would like to contact my treating doctors.

He reported to me by Dr. Steven Harris, a doctor of Amy, the first Lyme patient who has here in 2007 from the U.S., with whom he exchanged intense and his great interest for Lyme is very inspire confidence.

He wants to talk about the ongoing antibiotic treatment with my doctors.

Great, as he tells me that I am the first German Lyme patient and I report on my blog, my volunteer activities. 

"Without Amy's blog, I would not be here," I say! 

"You will have a Brain Spect tomorrow, you will be taken with a driver to a hospital." He is telling me.


Late afternoon, after blood pressure, oxygen and temperature measurements, carried out three times daily from the warm sisters, we left our little blue "Ocean Room" to us in the lobby of the Nu Tech reside. 

 A number of international press articles about Dr. Geeta Shroff embellished by a variety Board that attracts me, of course, magic. 



We find it really thought of everything imaginable was to treat the patient to feel most at home. An automatic coffee machine, and microwave, and a PC and printer are available for free use.


After a few minutes, our first fellow patients! A friendly "Where are you from?" Ravin heard of who hears after Germany, with "Good day, how are you?" replied!


How does he speak such good German? The two are from Thailand, he was a tailor from Pattaja, customers are often from Germany. Before him his beautiful, smiling daughter Nina, the play after a serious car accident earlier this year, with spinal cord injury "in a wheelchair in front of him to us with a dazzling smile.

I want to reach out and ask her embarrassed finds that it has paralyzed hands and arms.

We welcome you, "Oh what a shame you said, we travel to three months stay from now in three days."

She speaks out of school a little German and is so nice to apply the same few phrases ...

Ready for the first sensation?

Their artificial ventilation could be removed.

The upper arm can move again!

The two are great people, it is an honor to meet you. Her laugh is stunning!

Ravin, he reports the best doctors have sought to avoid this fate for his daughter, he thought of China and first flew to Bombay, where many experts met in the field of stem cell research. 
They sended him to Dr Geeta Shroff, she is the best they told him.

Now we meet Nancy, Ray, Chris, he also has Lyme, which alas are lovely people here no matter obWachpersonal, hospital staff, patients, nurses or doctors. 

  It is a very special atmosphere that exists here!

Now I want to get out into the streets of Delhi. Lisa hesitates. She is understandably anxious and insecure to cope with the situation. After all, you must move the wheelchair over the bumpy asphalt.

After some coaxing and requests that two women can leave the clinic really safe, we carry us into the patient's absence list.
A lift in front of the clinic is purely in the strange, lively adventure.

Tropical heat is proposing to meet us.

 I will report on my impressions later on. All permanently honking. Rome is no objection.

All really go back and forth, is informed primarily acoustic .... 

Passable sidewalks? No, we drive carefully on the road and reach a few hundred meters, the first commercials. 
Through our sudden adventure trip we are forced to return after a short time, because we have underestimated the heat and not take any water. 

Back in the small, delicate and air-conditioned "Ideal World" of the Nu Tech Mediworld.

Dr. Sudeep comes to us and announced that further, comprehensive studies will be conducted from tomorrow with me in a hospital elsewhere.
A taxi will pick us tomorrow morning at 9am. 

So tomorrow, on Monday we go, we are exhausted but can get back to sleep until about 3:30 at night ... Yes, we wanted to go to bed early, but the jet lag of 3.5 h - based on Germany-is still fully there. 

 Good night and from the bustling New Delhi.


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