Week eight in India...

It is now early September.

 The monsoon this year is very intense and very long lasting.
And the mighty power of the weather we surprised people and animals in the storm, as masses of water spread uncontrollably, I would like to return to the Lyme Disease
make them pay attention.
The destructive potential of the inferno in an organism and the damage caused can be as difficult to clean.
My body is busy with Aufraümen and repair measures.
My immune system begins "go too high", which takes energy and simultaneously conveys HOPE.

On Sunday evening, a large infusion is administered with stem cells. After just one hour, I feel just so extreme fatigue and exhaustion, as a reaction.

I can sleep.
The next morning I feel better, watch, however, strongly swollen joints of the lower extremities.

I notice behind the eyes (retrobulär) and strong stinging sensation of pressure, the tears flowing away from their own. Is this a positve reaction to my glaucoma (glaucoma)?
What else mmhh. Unbelievable.
I have suffered for years but rather in dry eyes...
recorded more changes are a beginning to increase strength and endurance, especially of the feelings and the ability to be worn again by their own feet. Only just want to have sole control, is a great feeling. LIFE. Freedom.
 I conquer my body back.
If only these bleiernde fatigue would already be gone and these nasty massive joint pain and migraines that plagued me now pushing ways. Another success, you read correctly "push way"!
I had no pain or symptom-free intervals poorer phases over the years. I am one of the many Lyme disease patients who had permanent day in and day out, full of fatigue life with strong jokes in different areas.
 Sleep, sleep and sleep again. In so far as a fundamental success again, I have now time to wake up the possibility of easy and get up without me in the worst times with absolute power for more than an hour lead time, and move me up in slow motion can.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Now hold it is, not give up hope or confidence.
I must say that it is sometimes difficult and this is and still remains one of the biggest challenges in my life.
Six years of failures, 30 years of medical curiosities cabaret and the long ignorant of the cause of my massive problems, I may wear down not now. My cajoling and experiences with fellow patients to help, just listen and feel exactly into me, the old symptoms that have ruled my life for so long at an incredible dominance, you are hopefully the healing process, in so far that this is is ultimately about so-called initial deterioration before improvement.
-You are what you think .-

 Monday morning, I bow to the complaints, I have pain in my body and hellish worst migraine. It was not meant here, but I WILL get better and I know here I can pave the road. Slowly but surely, back to life.
After fast asleep, I awake with hunger feelings and creating it in the afternoon 15min. for physical therapy, I fall exhausted into my bed.
On Monday evening I get the other intramuscular injections, injected directly into the hand veins.
The Tuesday runs exactly like the Wednesday. Dr. Shroff is in my room and says this is "normal".
Christine, your immune system goes up slowly ... it costs lots of energy. Sleep is good.Soothe!

Wednesday, September 1st. I feel am still really weak. "Hello effect? Where are you?"Still on hold. I pause in the morning and stay lying I sleep again.
My body and my thoughts call for peace.

I realize I have to spare and simply overwhelm the body, do not force.
Time and patience.
It will soon be better. In the early afternoon it's time. After a successful physical therapy, it takes me out. The weather is beautiful, after weeks of steady rain, the sun shines.

It starts and now an absolute must in Delhi in terms of shopping, "Cottage Industries Emporium," behind the name lies a five-story department store! Since little is going on, you can find great craft work from all over India admire and indulge in a wonderful sensory overload for the senses!

 Afternoon  downpours, the Monsoon is unusually long this year ...
Finally, finally I feel better! The swelling in the knee goes down slightly and I feel duty again.
Hunger, famine, hunger and high spirits. This is my good hypothalamus, there has to be the first improvements in the brain.

I am happy!
Everything is good! I know I'm on the right track the path of healing is my goal!
Since we are back to Tolstoy: "All is well, can not wait for the".

On Thursday will be trained in physiotherapy with weights, I run the first time to push up without me down and for the first time can run straight. (No longer in a stooping stand and in severe pain)

Krihna Janmah ... today is a Hindu festival. Many children are now grown as Krishna ...

Stairs before I have a huge respect, just that "climbing stairs" is now increasingly practiced.
Dizziness and difficulty of motor nature are observed in the afternoon training intensified.
Simple instructions: "Right arm and left leg lift" are initially available only in maximum concentration and only under great force. The balance shall recover and reclaim it.
We practice sitting on a stability ball, balance, muscle building and training the sense of balance.

I am first time in anticipation of the upcoming Spect scan, which is carried out in the coming days for comparison with the razors on my arrival! Exciting and nice to see the idea alone, as is already representing tangible improvements visually.

On Friday finds a patient / family meeting with the clinic leadership place in the morning in the lobby. At this meeting, I can not participate, because it is one of those days that bind me to the bed. On Saturday, I feel much much better! When I show up in the lobby, I find the Perry for over 10 years, depending on a Atemaschine, without that breathes for hours. Entirely without a machine!
The absolute sensation in this case, normally, the body's respiratory muscles relaxed with total paralysis. Perry is breathing and breathing and breathing, the monitor show 99% oxygen and a regular heartbeat.

I will not forget this moment. Perry breathe and I could walk to it and have a really good day. I am so excited in the Spect scan comparison.
The last week, the first round, started in India ...