"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win." Gandhi

Is it really true? The home is getting closer and closer. My trip to India that began on July 10 is now over in a few days? Yes, it is reality. Nine long and turn short weeks are over.
The departure on 13 September is approaching. Always been a good day.
(Auntie Annette, you know ...)
I find myself again in a so-between world. Not only between two cultures, painful and highly enjoyable event, no, and between reality, dream and future.
Bye, bye, old and new.

India, land of contrasts: tragedy and triumph, millennium-old tradition meets modern high culture.
Ancient temples and culture, luxury shopping temples next to abject poverty, deprivation and misery on the roadside.
Noise, noise, noise. Waste. Waste. Waste. The pulse of one of the largest cities in the world.
Colors, colors, colors.

Splendor, pomp and palaces.
One of the origins and the future of medicine.
In India I was given a new life.
Thankfully, I am now satisfied and grounded shortly before my trip home.


In addition to the henna painting my hands and feet, I take valuable experiences, impressions and experiences, including results with in my normal, familiar environment.

Overall, my children and my husband in his arms again to my family, my friends and acquaintances. I'm so excited! You will believe only what positive improvements have been observed before, if you see me to do. Me to do?

I can not even grasp or truly believe. After all these years, the turning point?

For the first time after all versatile therapy trials, there are more, days on days when it comes to me much better.
More and more I watch positive, often painful changes, however, always followed by improvement and real improvements.
My light sensitivity was so severe and pronounced.
A significant reduction is observed. I also have an appetite, strength and endurance, reduced pain. I can just re-thinking better, generally speaking and acting out ...
My finger joints can be used.
In the letter that my incredibly hard lot, I notice - again a small matter of course that has long run out-the returns.

Slow and there are still days full of setbacks and irritations, but there are clearly a lot of progress, in order not to be unthinkable now grateful and happy.

The most visible and most importantly, it is going to run again available! Not just a few shuffling steps, bent posture to go under hellish pain. Compared to before, I can move around relatively pain-free! I can walk! Feel my legs again, slowly but surely, I increase my radius. Sensational.

Who the film Under Our Skin has seen, knows Lyme Mandy, the blonde woman on the cover poster.
At the beginning of the film we see you in painful attitude in the front yard. I had to cry when I saw the pictures, because I knew how it feels.
It really was more than terrible. Torments and tortures. Lyme disease is and will remain inhumane as stage II, there is often dramatic, and the big unknown is still propagated underestimated mercilessly.
Here's the trailer of an award-winning documentary Lyme borreliosis:


Sunday is again a meeting with Dr. Ashish.
We have another very interesting conversation, and of course draw a first summary.

Following are actually more days of activities. For six years I could not leave my house on most days, not even my bed.
It is now possible to watch even some sightseeing.

Patients from traveling. New patients come.
I have here may know very wonderful people.

Now increases the excitement, the conclusion of my brain Spect scan is today.
Here the inclusion of 12 July 2010, shortly after my arrival.

Well today is the 8th September, and above you see the result after hundreds of injections of the "magic" of human stem cells by Dr. Geeta Shroff miracle!

Here's the abridged medico:

True, significant improvements have been made: Light yellow is normal on the left-color scale, the dark, so early as orange, takes massively in the areas the circulation, or the tissue is already as good as dead then it goes in the direction of purple, blue , black. At first glance, I personally am still shocked to be honest-but-equally impressed and uberwältigt of the now perceived not only visible but now documented 60% transparent craniellen improve my blood circulation.

Having now briefly on the ground, was the only Lyme patient, I now read online a few days following newspaper article about Greg Compton, here is the link to the article

Too bad Greg and his wife Melissa to stay only 2 days after my arrival, I would like to know the two.

The next day I hear Jerry and Dolores travel today. I see my fellow patients, Jerry once, for wearing a green T-shirt saying "tick bite and Lyme sucks!"
"Sting ticks and Lyme disease is bad," loosely translated.
Oh yes, unfortunately I can only sign of that. Nice to meet you!

Here, too, repeated the story of so many of my fellow patients, Lyme, years of failure diagnosis, with painful, even life-threatening course and consequences.

In the evening I can hardly believe I was 5 hours on the way! I was an absolute highlight even slow down your Dilli Haat.
Evening with the visit is of course the joy back big! Not even 50 min. to sit  I could ... and now?
It feels quite incredible.

Rajni my physiotherapist and I keeping up the hard work daily.
The next day I had extreme swelling in ankles and my knees.
Of course, I'm exhausted. I am still fighting for Physio.
Then I sleep a fixed, because the afternoon is the Balance Board

Also, the stairs will be grounded newly learned and developed. Tiredness, fatigue, oh.Immediately after, again a short sleep.
When I wake up I'm hungry, notice warm legs. Sweating of the feet.

Changeable-being, peace, perseverance and positive thinking will lead again to days full of
Desk. This increased stability allows me to capture the changes made, other places of interest.

Really are nine long weeks in a few days over?
Lotus Temple, Quetab Minar, Taj Mahal, the small, Muslim tombs and the temple Hari Krishna called Iskon ...

At noon I'm with the best of which is driving me back in India, Geeta Shroff's next miracle Bio stem cells, for lunch. I met the dearest people, and very close to my heart.

At the last minute I leave on the last evening in the vicinity of the brush Nutech Medi World on a small stool on the road Mehndis henna on hands and feet,
and drive the first time back with a tuk-tuk to the hospital ...

When the taxi arrives followed by a tearful adoption!
My flight leaves at 02:25 h at night, I have premonitions, because of my excess baggage and when traveling alone.
The fears come true, because after a really adventurous and very unfriendly procedure at the Indira Gandhi Airport, saves me in the middle of the night - an angel, sended by another angel.
Thank you Dani. Thanks Noa!!

The flight is incredible uncomplicated.

I have no nausea and no unpleasant intracranial pressure! Unbelievable.
This confirms the findings of the last Spect scans! I heal, so I get well.
Everything will be fine.

Everything is so quiet on our roads. Oh, what a striking how unusual calm, cleanliness and order .
"Hello Life and On (Never) bye couch!" Welcome to life! Never again will the bedroom, the couch or a hospital room, are the only one which I will for months or even see even years.
Never again will these pains me so continuous, so intense, it literally "kill" cruel.
May sound exaggerated, but it is certainly not.

Finally I can again almost a woman, mother, friend, daughter, niece, friends, or the "normal" woman next door, just be myself ...
I will stare no longer be ignored or regarded with pity.

The raspberries in my garden are ripe.

I harvest the fruit this summer, not only as a hobby gardener, no, I harvest every day life.

What really starts now, my active, volunteer work, about the underestimated risk and investigate the grievances of Lyme borreliosis. Have made me such pain and outright torture a better person.

And I have one or two requests to you:
NEVER condemn a person who is chronically ill.
Hold back with frivolous award or well-meaning advice.
Do not doubt the seriousness of his situation.
Never underestimate the potential (for you invisible and incomprehensible) effects of a tick disease and inform yourself and your loved ones.
Because early detection and knowledge are the best prevention!

Read for example the following book: "Borreliose erkennen und wirksam behandeln"
Dr. Petra Hopf-Seidel, Knaur Publisher 9.95 €(german)
In english read:" Cure unknown" from Pam Weintraub or one of the many other brilliant books about the Lyme Disease truth.

Or read these great articles on the topic:
Author Dr. Andreas Pütz journalist / Political Scientist
"Sie sehen aber gut aus!"(But you look good!)
or "Borreliose, Pech für die Wirklichkeit."
(Lyme, bad luck for the reality)

In any case, "Do the Tick Check ..."
PLEASE do your kids, pets and of course yourself after a stay in the countryside, and even in your own garden or, preferably, from all evening the body for ticks.
Please remove the tick promptly, or let you remove those from medically trained.
Note the date and location of the tickbite!

I hope you enjoyed my trip to India and I can inspire you, perhaps a bit of all that is possible.
Thank you very much for your interest and will contact you in the coming months and years with current health updates continue!

Everything will be fine.
And do not forget anything is possible!
Nothing is impossible.

Perry, you are an true Inspiration!

Last but not least Dr. Ashish and Dr. Shroff you are true heroes to me.
I thank you for your brilliant work with the buttom of my heart.
Incredible India! Good Bye Lyme!

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