Destination Delhi - The first Days in India

The India adventure begins. On Saturday, 10 July 2010 is really going on! 

Frankfurt, New Delhi - Direct 7.5 hours. A real challenge for a brain full of Borrelia.
My motto is, however, continues unabated: Where there's a will there's a way!
And I tell you, you can not imagine how much I want to go to India!  
Of course I'm very excited, it's my first long distance flight as handicapped. The service, Lufthansa is really first class.
At my side is my friend Lisa exceptionally, which has agreed to provide to accompany me on this adventure and to support nine weeks long.

We were confident from the escort to the other passengers brought by the first on the plane, there was blunderingly our seat in the rear of the machine. Relieved, I note, however, that this is a machine Boing Jumbo 747-400. In mind, I try to think of my last flight to turn off. Domestic Flight: The chronic inflammation of my Central Nervous System... I was exposed to pain and pressure conditions made by continuous, severe vomiting noticeable with circulatory collapse.
The best way to describe it : "Imagine your brain, spinal cord, complete with its inflated by an air pump in a record-breaking rush!"
Since this last flight I still had in mind, I am of course prepared accordingly in order to spare me such an altered - drops, chewing gum, wet compresses, cushions.
There are no coincidences and I had found the great good fortune a few months ago an excellent natural healer and Immunologists to have the best prepared me, not only to India but also soothing drops has given me to deal with the flight as good as possible.
I was driven by wheelchair through the gangway to the front door of the aircraft, there has to be me take me to my seat by 4 paramedics. Oh NO! My fighting spirit is still unbroken, of course, I disagree with thanks and fight me under the astonished eyes of the crew aboard the narrow corridor, while I supported myself on the headrests of the seats that line the corridor.
Until I finally fought out to our seats. Of great value also shows the transportation of two large cushions showed that I had as a precaution on my wheelchair and now feel as comfortable without exception.
We take off: A cold sweat breaks out. The intracranial pressure rises as much as the Boing.
Lisa rescuing my fans out to air.
I think of mental strength to Shaolin monks and Fakir, the walk on hot coals. I talk too well. Mental forces enable positive thinking!
Once we have reached cruising altitude, the flight attendant rushes to us and asked worried about my condition.
I have already taken a forward bent posture duration .... The two pillows are priceless on my knees. I hang on my seat in a similar position, which should be taken during an emergency landing. The friendly flight attendant is concerned, I would calm down, in which I inform you about my illness. A friendly Indian asks helpful from the left, if I fly to the first time, are you just scared? Lisa explains the situation to my relief for me.

I remain, about 2 hours in my position to me then slowly straighten up and just sit down, makes me not to have passed to date, and notice in the same second, that an upright stance is unbearable. So I spend the entire flight duration in the "Emergency Landing"
With the head on two pillows on my knees or on the tablet and I have to pass fortunately not really!
An hour before the announced landing, I take every little change in altitude. 

The Autonomic nervous system logs again loudly. It was a wise decision to eat the whole flight about nothing but just drink lots of water. Of the neighboring rows is my encouragement and admiration to part, for my endurance and my mental strength.
"Strong Woman, such a strong woman!"
The compassionate and open nature of my Indian companions touches me! 
Wonderful people, friendly and so warm from the heart. The plane is on, shoot me the tears in his eyes to have overcome with happiness and relief from the flight finally at the place of "healing" has arrived to be! 

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