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Dear Readers!

My name is Christine. Ever since I can just call me Tini.
Since I will share with this blog very personal impressions with you, I would also like to imagine.
In 1973 I was born in Germany.
Here's a photo taken in 1978 in Cannes / France.

This photo was chosen deliberately. Full of life I radiate energy, but hide behind unusually strong rheumatic and allergic complaints that plagued me in at this point.

Did you know that every third Arthritis is caused by the Spirochete Borrelia Burgdorferi, transmitted through Tickbites? 

I spent my first birthday regularly in the French Mediterranean.

In the Nineties, I spent some years on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.

In these days my health seems to be ruined and is meanwhile lifetreatening, after the late Diagnosis of  Lyme Disease. Due to the current environmental catastrophe, the life of various plants, animals and people has been destroyed.
It seems impossible to save the nature, inexorably, the oil flows into the sea.
No chance to watch how the man is helpless against such a disaster about.

Can the impossible be possible?
Are there miracles?

After a long Medical Marathon with me in 2007 Lyme borreliosis, a disease transmitted by ticks preferably got diagnosed.
Lyme disease is a serious, under-take bacterial infection disease lifetreatening courses, if you do not recognize in time and therefore treated early.

Often the tick bite remains unnoticed altogether, even the so-called missing migrans in half of Borrelia infection.Ticks are tiny little creatures. PLEASE note the size!
I remember in my childhood countless tick bites.

Such a small spider! Hysteria! Scaremongering?  

Think again!

Love, engaged, married, two healthy children.

There was only a tree house and the perfect family happiness. Even the dream home is found, trees were planted. We moved, like so many other young families also an idyll in the middle of nature on the outskirts.
How years later turn out to be a perfect habitat for ticks and their hosts.

Private everything went fantastic, professionally I could also not complain, I had built up since 1998 a successful existence as an independent young entrepreneur.

Immediately after giving birth to my second son in the summer of 2004, should my health deteriorate dramatically, more and more dramatically, from autumn it became obvious:

I had a severe attack, mysterious disease. I've never been so sick! 
Suddenly I am overcome by Chills, Sweating, Nightmares, and then the Nausea.
Followed by loss of Appetite, Back Pain, Joint and Limb Pain, and severe Headaches and Short Time Memoryloss.

Unstoppable, as the oil spreads on the Gulf of Mexico and destroyed every living cell, the cells in my body ruined rigorously by microbes.

For example, I found myself to have made from my phone directory and a call after the third ring I had forgotten who I had since called or what I wanted.
I led my concentration changed and the resulting behavior back to the circumstances of the painful tension that I had no doubt perpetually about with me.

My positive humorous perspective was accordingly one of my jokes:
"Demented power pregnancy?"

No doctor, despite various tests, and many studies find a viable explanation or ask about an unexplained diagnosis.
I made me a not!
Well, I came naturally without diagnosis more and more on missunderstading in my environment.

"Are you still not better?" But you look good! Do you still have no diagnosis? Go but good times to a doctor!"

For a long time I tried to not allow me to point out how bad it really was me.

Dizziness, blurred vision, stabbing pains were added in different organs.
Incredibly strong sensitivity to light.
Shy and unwarranted anxiety were also on the contrary, these properties correspond to my actual character.Long time I could not deny my symptoms, but I was irritated.

What was that? These versatile and severe symptoms, I could not assign.
I felt it had to be as serious.

I have always been very athletic, cheerful and extremely energetic been, ever since I can
was my daily routine filled with activities, preferably in the open air.

I could not hide my multiple complaints more quickly, I had to admit in the smallest things no longer work efficiently to seinund only to be vegetative state.

Foreign cultures, different cities, literature, art, languages, people and travel...

Writing, Reading, Skiing, Swimming, Water Skiing, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball and Cycling, that was my world. Besides singing, festivities of any kind of Theater and Music was the Dance, much of my life.

This would stretch me a disease ever been so down, I would have never thought possible.

Sleep, Pain, sleep, pain, sleep ... We are not talking about being tired, NO, but from total, complete physical exhaustion or weakness unimaginable.
(Even brushing your teeth was a monstrous effort, if I ever came into the bathroom ...)

Iceland, Puerto Rico, Greenland and Tobago, even as a toddler and teens, I had the honor, in addition to those also visit several other countries in the world should be.I love people and immersion in new cultures.
I climbed the mountains and trees excited, I jumped into icy cold lakes and threw myself grateful in every adventure.

"Dont wait for your boat to come, SWIM OUT TO IT!"

Now I lay here in my bed, get up on my couch too weak!
Since childhood I had a taste for good food and, consequently, I also loved the preparation.

Suddenly I overcooked the potatoes and burned themselves into the pot.
The pot, I had simply forgotten and am just Regardless gone from the kitchen.

I, "Misses timing," in person had the sense of space and time lost! The water was evaporated, the pot I was able to throw away. By the way, the potatoes logically ...

I could not think properly, let alone concentrate.
My sense of time was completely gone.
Organization was one of my strengths but ALWAYS been!

Every day, I was tired, weak and had a short time, starting with pulling calves, and this terrible tingling in legs and arms.
Tingling in the neck it also. Spreading throughout the body, I suffered terribly severe pain.
After years of uncertainty suddenly a diagnosis. I could not believe it!

A small tick bite as the cause of all my complaints? What? No way!
Never! This possibility was unfortunately not taken by me, nor my staff of medical experts for years into the diagnostic calculations.

To me, like many others, doctors, nurses and other health institutions unknown, many, such as varying symptoms (disease symptoms) of Lyme borreliosis cleverly disguised under the following misdiagnosis:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Pain Syndrome, Herniated Disc, Hip Osteoarthritis, Migraene with Aura, Chronic Pelvic Pain ...

How relevant are the connections would again be looking back, I had not at that time thought possible.

Through my tireless will and my Latin and English language skills, in addition to my growing passion for medicine, natural medicine and microbiology, I should come in the years to the most fascinating, and certainly the most complex disease of the 21st century.

In my personal opinion, are the implications and the evidence which leaves us the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi of unbelievable proportions!

The GREAT Imitator, the insidious disease, therefore, called in expert circles like.

Asymptomatic intervals of different changes and diseases disguised, one must assume a high proportion of unreported people who share my fate.

Million people who are desperate for years in search of a cause to their numerous complaints, many of you are not at all or only after decades diagnosted.
The greatest evil the research, diagnosis and treatment of Lyme is not only poor to unsatisfactory.

Since the causative agent of Lyme disease was discovered only in 1982, most physicians no extensive knowledge.

In recent years, the incidence of cancer has declined slightly, but the neurological diseases are also increasing exponentially. Children with Autism and learning disabilities, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, the degenerative Brain Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Burn out, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Guillian Barre Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and many other neurological manifestations are becoming more common.

Conventional medicine has little to offer classic: the sick will be managed, but there is real help, it only rarely. Can it be that the medicine, the real cause of these diseases has been overlooked in collective blindness?

The fascinating world of microbes has an incredibly destructive potential.  

"The New Kid on the Block: Borrelia burgdorferi."

 Back to my roots, my mother's ancestors go back to 1414.

The roots of my family have worked for generations in leading professions as Mayor, Physician, Pharmacists, Teachers, Business People. My Great-Great Grandfather, for example, established the branch office of Deutsche Post Shanghai.

Altruism I was raised with.

To me is the love and respect people and nature in the genes.
A life in harmony with Mother Nature, with our fellow human beings.
Both sides are my great-great-grandparents, and avid hunter and animal owner who lived in a great relationship with your many children within an extended family and many friends.

In short, the international, academic, cultural and social skills was demanding.
My Grandfather was a medical Doctor.

He influenced me a lot. Travel, international friends, tolerance and an honest and fair treatment mediated by my Christian upbringing, I characterize today as a human.

My Fathers Family Roots you see below.

A perennial "altar boy" in my childhood career laid the foundation for my empathy and encouraging additional charitable my thinking!

Beginning of 2010 I decided to found DEUTSCHE LYME BORRELIOSE HILFE in Germany.

Deutsche Lyme Borreliose Hilfe

Now I try and my wonderful, me since 2008 doctors for years with all the resources available to you to restore my health.

All attempts, however, could also progress with the Lyme disease and my numerous Coinfections, Babesia, Rickesttsia conorii / prowazeki, Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, EBV, CMV, HH6 and many others...

The pathogens have arrived long ago in my organs, my immune system, my brain, and therefore in the central nervous system.

In addition to invisible, how incredibly strong permanent pain in muscles, nerves and bones, leaving the microbes clear your tracks.

Optic Nerve Neuritis
Chronic Neuroborreliosis
Hearing impairment / hearing loss, unilateral
Facial paralysis
Visual disturbances
Food Allergy
Polymorphic Light Eruption
Chronic Lumbago
Toxic encephalopathy
Xenobiotic Phase I / II disorder of intracellular Detoxkaskade
Weight loss
Persistent Sinussitis ethomoidales
Thyroid disease in euthyroid goiter uninodosa
Chronic recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease
Type III Autoimmune diseases Cooms / Gell
Guillian Barre Syndrome
Detoxification fault for PAK / Metals deletion GST-M1 reduction GST-P1 / SOD2
HPV Pap III D Cervixdysplasie High Risk
AV block II Mobitz
ß1 AAK
Ganglioside AAK
Leasion in the heart muscle after Pericarditis ...

I give up? Never. My glass is always half full, not half empty.
Lyme has taken me a lot, but I also learned a lot and let me grow.

Joy of my life and my will are unbroken, not my body and mind to leave without a fight fate.

Back to the roots, back to nature, on the way in the future!

In it lie for me and hopefully for many other people at least one key, if not a bunch of keys to new opportunities!

I want to thank from my heart, for the brave, lovable, open Pioneer Amanda, Kasie, Rusty, Amy, Kyla and many other incurable or terminal ill people, including Lyme disease patients from around the world.

Thank You've brought me to India!
Without you I would not be here.

And BEN special thanks to you, my fellow Lymie!

"Do only what is necessary, then your utmost and you manage the impossible!"

I hope maybe a small precursor to be for you, for I am the first Lyme Patient from Germany in India!
Follow me easily legible in my blog on my journey to healing.

I am pleased about your interest.

Best wishes, Christine