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                                                      Namaste India!


The Indira Gandhi Airport is modern and is being expanded. Visa Service has now changed you can order in advance, from most countries, and pick it up easy on the depart airport!

Drive from the airport to the clinic, located in southern Delhi, is usually about 30-45 minutes.

Free Service of NUTECH MEDI WORLD:

Connected laboratory and 24 pharmacy, 24-hour security in addition to the clinic building.

The private clinic has about 25 rooms and a large lobby, with Physio in the basement.

Getting the individual rooms are quite small, but with all that western standard offer: Flat screen TV with HBO
-German program DW (German Welle).
-Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch
- 24 h Nurse/ Doctors on duty

Each room is so equipped with:

Shower / WC / hair dryer/  Toaster/ small Refrigerator/ TV Free (bring your LAN cable and laptop) 24h internet access ,small safe in the closet. Air Conditioning/ Small rolling table /Wall table small plug-in shelves 1 chair Sickbed /Guest chair / bed function (foam)

Remove the current card and take it with a key chain from home, because if you drag the map to fall out the refrigerator

Breakfast service omelette, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, fried eggs and boiled eggs in exchange or as required

Daily on request free room cleaning, new bedding/towels, toilet paper, kleenex box;  Delhi Times Newspaper; Butter; Jam; Sugar; Milk; Cornflakes; Biscuits...

For the accompanying person is standing beside the hospital bed a mattress available that is quite uncomfortable. It is advisable to back problems to get an inflatable guest bed, or bring the same ..

Yoga is offered in the clinic - for free - Physio once a week.

Airport pick-up day and night for free, as free shuttle service for medical examinations and between applications within Delhi.

Reception offers taxi service for a fixed price for private tours. Many patients are to sick to do much, exspecially on their first visit. But here are the possibilities:

You can book a Trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra on site at the clinic, even other adventure books like the hospital management. Jyoti Titus is the Manager, she will assist you and take care of everything.

New Delhi has generally much to offer!

Driver is waiting and is by appointment or phone call in a few minutes on standby.

Those who prefer to look in the immediate vicinity of the World Nutech Medi Clinic, and prefer to walk around nearby, they need to be the Green Park Market to heart.  

There you will find many small stores that will offer a wide range. 
All kind of vegetables, fruits, flower merchants on the streets, a kind of Starbucks (Costa Coffee), Pizza Hut, nice, more coffee, fruit sellers on the roadsides and the typical Indian everyday driving.

Green Park Market Streets in New Delhi

Past installations and temples:


Quetab  Minar

Hari Krishna Temple-Iscon  

Lotus Temple  

India Gate 

(connected park, pedal boats, water plant)  

Lodi Garden-Park 
... and much more.

This tour can be in the order in an afternoon, slip in quietly,  with a driver booked for 5 hours!

Action is absolutely mandatory, if possible:

- Spice market in Old Delhi - From Dilli Haat just a short drive from the clinic, a must!

Dilli Haat - A government, colorful market with exhibitors from all Indian regions, 14-day temporary exhibitions (5 minutes by taxi) costs a few cents admission, therefore, very safe and firm instructions tourists.

Down action is also possible, despite the fair prices.
There are also Indian specialties from different regions of India and dance or other
cultural, typical festivities.

Also henna art and hair braiding is offered here sometimes.  

Nearby you will find great restaurants, small cafes, hotels of all types, air-conditioned malls with big cinema (Cinema), temples, green parks, a zoo, a sprawling golf course, modernity and tradition in the metropolis of Delhi is a great opportunity offered.

Back to the clinic.  

The organization of a private nurse on site at any time for organization around to 24 hours (If your  Caretaker is not in itself prove, or caretaker of the sick, you make the trip alone or would be ...) mandatory according to the procedures (surgery - introduction of the stem cells injected into the spinal canal). Depending on the Procedure 4, 6, 8 or 24 hours required.  

Because the patient must lie quietly and is a companion to rely not only from medical reasons!

Travel Expenses 
I recommend this simple withdrawing money from the so-called PM machine (ATM) EC card works on all current ATMs, which is in Delhi like every street corner finds! There is no upfront, high bundled!
Some dollar bills in his luggage will not hurt as well. used in markets as a good basis for negotiation ...

Supermarkets: "Le Marche" (in all major malls) have, of course, to not quite high prices some european and american brands.

Note: Not only during the monsoon period, many drinks (at least 6-8 liters)! No kidding. Never go without a bottle of water on a walk. The risk of dehydration is given. Please DO NOT drink tap water!

TIP: You can order their own drinks at the restaurant PLAIN, so pure, otherwise it be that it is diluted with tap water is! Even without ice cubes may safely more!

At night, please do not walk around alone in Delhi as a pedestrian. The warning does not apply to the crime, at least not primarily, but to stray groups of wild dogs. Those who do not hunt only wild monkeys in the city, but certainly in hordes to attack humans.

Shoppingmalls :
Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi in close proximity to Select City Mall, (30 Minutes by car from Hospital) in which: Indoor playground, movie theater, restaurants, and well-known brands, together with a European / American supermarket, are located. Next to another great mall.

Cottage Industries Emporium, behind the name is a five-story department store hides with an incredibly beautiful, diverse range of goods such as hand and its best ...

Ambience and luxury items can be found in the Ambience Mall l with all the major designers.

The hospital food is Northern Indian, west adapted .. It is fresh and most times delicious, but who wants to use the alternation Home Delivery Service Order from local restaurants, or all kinds of junk food, Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and local specialties. The reception of Nutech Mediworld has "Flyers" and does the call for you. 

You just need to pick up your delivery in the lobby.

Full board service at the clinic. Daily selectable vegetarian and non vegetarian hot lunch and dinner, fruit, beverages (mineral water Bisleri, or Coke, Fanta, Orange Juice)

Recommendation: Extra order private -Bisleri mineral water boxes- for about 300 rupees. 

Much drinking is a must! 
 Order from Rita, she does the choice of your food and much more.

Payed Laundry service at the hospital (fair prices)

The hospital rooms are fully air conditionedIn the lobby there is a computer that can be used by patients. Twice daily physical therapy takes place. The rooms are housed in the hospital and easily accessible by elevator.

Be sure to pack:

Household scissors 
Passport Foto  (prepaid cell phone, even without a contract required in India)

Insect repellent
Small medicine 

Extra tips: Bring your own extra pillow and blanket, so it is cozy and more homelike...

Screen or / and do not forget headgear including waterproof gloves during the Moonson time! Little umbrella is also very usefull.
And of course bring with you some sunscreen!


Nasty case: mobile/ cell phone provider lists India among "Third World".  
Immense costs! inquire with the provider before the trip! Or get one in India.
On-site providers to passport and passport photo template, better get a prepaid cell phone. Many mobile shops at every corner.

Please adjust the Indian traditions and values, long-legged and long-sleeved clothing 
(also used for protection against insect bites!), Not physical. Do not wear low-cut. 

Crash course in Hindi:

Namaste  -Greeting  

Mehrabani se - please  
dhanyabad - thank you  
han - yes  
sesidhe - straight 
adscha - understood 
sone jaana - go to sleep

Health risks There are currently no urgent measure vaccination for India. 

But bring you own medication and some travel meds with you 

Again, do not go out on the streets at night. There is not only a crime problem, there are many wild dogs and animals, even in the city! 


Green Park Extension, H-8
New Delhi /India  

Dr. Geeta Shroff Contact (Medical Director / Clinic Manager)

Patient Application and Information 

Contact e-mail:

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