Rumors, wild speculations, a look back into my life after India & a little update

I apologize for the long break on my updates. Many have probably already looking forward to my news, a description of my health development and of course my current being!

Thanks for the patience, here I am finally!

There were no complications or relapses, the therapy has struck and their effectiveness is prooved!
In 2011 during the summer, as planned, I went again in India. Four weeks were like me already rescheduled in advance, administered again caudal, epidural, intramuscular and intravenous in the Nutech Medi World HESC.

Now, further improvements are already on my lap II in India documented, as you can see for yourself here. The bottom photo was taken in June 2011 from the Fortis Hospital in New Delhi. Wow! This record confirm my perceived healing process, and the regenerative abilities of the future of medicine.

                Above after my first HESC (Human Stem Cell Embyonic) Therapy 2010


                    Below, on my second Arrival  in India after 10 months in summer 2011

With great satisfaction, you can view the history of changes. An increase in light yellow areas show the regenerative healing progress more than clear! Slowly but surely, the stem cells work through the fabric. I have subjected myself during the 10 months of an ongoing microbial therapy, immune uplifting concomitant therapies and a lot of targeted physiotherapy.

10 months lie between these SPECT Scans.Seit 10 months have introduced HESC further into my brain and organism recaptured!

The top picture was taken when I left in 2010. After 9 weeks, HESC the improvement was more than evident.

Healing is a long way, needs a lot of patience, cooperation, self-confidence, confidence and still staying power! I'm retroactively to date pensioned and unable to work since 2005.

Currently my body is not fully operational, but for a doomed the improvements are noticeable and perceptible, and in many aspects.

I am eternally grateful for every step that I can walk again, and every free minute of pain in which I think clearly again, live, speak and can actively participate in life!

I was bedridden for over 6 years (2004-2010), batteling daily severe pain and fatigue, in a very bad med. general condition.

Despite all efforts, within half of Europe, to treat the damage and progress of  late diagnosed chronic neuroborreliosis and coinfections, unfortunately no cure or sustained improvement was achieved over the years.

In 2010, I was transferred to a neuritis optic nerve (optic neuritis), also diagnosed with an incurable motor neuron autoimmune disease, at this time I was also 80% degree of severe disability.

I have over 3 years in a wheelchair (2007 - 2010/11) spent, because I was too weak and sore troubled to run only a few steps. I also had paraparästhesia since 2005, which spread incessantly. My formerly ganglioside antibodies are positive (as of January 2014) after stem cell therapy EQUIVOCAL and my active Lyme borreliosis laboratory values are for the first time in all these years NEGATIVE.

        SPECT  BEFORE  HPBSC in India (Light yellow is normal) arriving 2010

                        2011 after 2 round HPBSC THERAPHY in India


In March 2012, Dr. Geeta Shroff from India has attended a meeting organized by me International Symposium on Lyme disease in Saarbrücken/ Germany and spoke about their HESC therapy!

Special thanks to  participants, neurologist Martina Lorenz, Dr. Ortwin Zais (hyperthermia center Hochwald), Prof. Dr. Eva Sapi (New Haven University / USA), Dr. Petra Hopf-Seidel, neurologist, psychiatrist and general practitioner for LD and especially to Dr. Geeta Shroff (Medical Director Nu Tech Medi World New Delhi / India).

Also, my thanks to all participants and helpers for their great support of my efforts to give patients assistance and new aspects! The positive feedback from visitors who have taken part on long journeys from all over Germany, was impressive. Even from Romania a doctor  has arrived with a seriously ill patient in order to make a personal impression of HESC therapy can!

Numerous other patients are already followed me prior to the symposium, with many I stand to this day in personal contact!

Some german and european doctors are now in contact with the Nutech MediWorld  Clinic in New Delhi and were able to get a clearer picture on the future of medicine itself.

Geeta Shroff Director Dr.

H 8 Green Park Extension

New Delhi / India

Additional pleasing sensational facts:

My Glaucoma is no longer in need of medication. After therapy with HESC the ocular pressure is so low as never before. Since 1999, the diagnosis of my high tension glaucoma doctor every 3-6 months has been verified! The medication could be set in early 2012!

This condition applies to the second most common cause of blindness in the world.

Especially in the field of ophthalmology, the possibilities are very promising in stem cell research!

The HPBSC therapy of Dr. Geeta Shroff is innovative and riscless. I know so far hardly a treatment option that has this potential of regeneration, healing and strengthening of the immune system!

                                              TOP TEN of my improvements:

- No continuous dizziness / vertigo

- No persistent pain

- No insomnia

- No ataxia

- More energy and appetite

- More muscle power

- More balance

- Improved cognitive skills

- Restful sleep

- NO longer dependent on a wheelchair or crutches

 Amy B. Scher, US Lyme disease HESC Pioneer also living happily ever after in the United States. "This is how I saved my life" is finally a year ago, published as a book. It was 2008, the first Lyme disease patient who has undergone treatment in India.

" 'Eat Pray Love'-like memoir." Pam Grout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author (E-Squared)

When Amy Scher, a die-hard eternal optimist finds her near-perfect 25-year-old body falling apart, she is met with pessimistic diagnoses and failed treatments. Stumbling through her "party years" with Ritz-Carlton-like hospital stays and specialists looking at her in stupefaction, her optimism remains, but the chance for recovery from late stage Lyme disease dwindles.

Admittedly living a life of clichés such as "nothing is by chance," "there are signs everywhere," and "this too shall pass," her life takes a U-turn after one serendipitous meeting in Maui. She falls into a conversation with a woman who has just returned from India after receiving radical medical treatment. Amy's love affair with "signs" from the Universe is all she needs after this meeting to propel her research about this treatment—and from there, the adventure begins.

Free spirited and fiercely driven, she takes a leap of faith and travels to Delhi, India for an experimental embryonic stem cell treatment. Unsure if she has been given the equivalent of a never-ending ladder in the game of Chutes and Ladders, or is making a medical mistake that will kill her, she dives in, never losing hold of her humor and hope.

From the time she steps foot in the magical country of vibrant colors and endless honking horns, she valiantly defends herself against "Eastern philosophical bullshit," and those suggesting she can think her way back to health. She instead focuses on her place as the first patient with Lyme disease to undergo this treatment and manages to keep her eye on the prize of surviving. She quickly discovers though, healing is much more than just physical. She'll not only need faith in the stem cells, but also a healthy dose of self-introspect and lessons in the art of 'letting go.'

This country where pedestrians risk their lives crossing the street, but cars stop for sacred cows, wraps her in its spirit and becomes her greatest teacher. Armed with her self-created motto, "when life kicks your ass, kick back," she embraces her challenges with gusto and never looks down, reminding herself it's simply, the wrong way.

Scher's adventures are met with a fresh perspective and childlike curiosity. Her experiences are both hilarious and heartbreaking -- from the Ayurvedic treatment where she details the sound of her own thighs slapping together on a oiled wooden table; to her Taj Mahal road trip where people along the way are poverty-stricken and unclothed, but goats are wearing sweaters and jewels; to the agonizing doubt she manages to overthrow as she struggles with a degenerative disease where no standard treatment path is paved.

Years after Amy's return from India, she finds her healing journey is far from over. With as much courage and grace as she can muster, she heads off in a different direction—and discovers a part of herself that she never even knew was missing. Amy's no holds-barred attitude will inspire you to see the hidden signs in your own life and challenge your deepest beliefs about healing.

This powerful and uplifting story of sheer determination is for anyone who believes in--or doubts--the existence of miracles and the infinite power of self-healing.

Even me, there will be further publications and promotions. It's worth the wait ...

"People with a new idea apply as long as crazy until the idea succeeds."

Mark Twain

a Chapter in the life of Louis


The lie is already running three times around the earth before the truth attracts the shoes.

I had announced my fellow men also employ me in the future.

I have already followed some patients to India, and many have therapy to an improved life, quality of life, and you create that new hope.

Unfortunately spread a few people in public forums and similar institutions about my renowned speakers such as myself and medical history ridiculous how bad disinformation, some are even to malicious slander and outrageous lies!

Legal steps are not excluded, and I reserve the right.

I watch all the "buzz" for quite some time partly amused, shaking my head without comment until today.

Anyone who has a clear conscience can afford to stay calm. Those who do not can not afford to remain calm.

I wish to ask any critics, but please get in touch directly deals with my person, you are welcome to come up to me with a request before but fundamentally be informed about this therapy! Strangely, none of the critics has ever entered into a dialogue with me personally ...

For example, read simply times following, but caution is advised because it could jeopardize your pre judgments and change your perspective on stem cells!


Source: WELT ONLINE Author: Claudia Ehrenstein | 2008

Save as stem cell research life

With the help of stem cell research, researchers intend to cure diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and cancer. But in Germany the research on ethical grounds is severely limited. Long since scientists are calling for more freedom to develop life-saving therapies.

This method would not only provide a virtually inexhaustible reservoir of cells, tissues and organs may even life-saving transplants. Since cell donor and recipient cells are identical, there would be no disturbing rejection more. In November 1998, researchers stoked at the same time in the US and Israel for the first time the hope that this vision one day could actually become a reality. They had managed to grow so-called human embryonic stem cells in vitro. These cells are not programmed and therefore have the ability to develop into all cell types of the approximately 200 people.

Suddenly, a treatment of incurable diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, diabetes and cancer seemed within reach. Now it should be just a matter of money, research policy will and scientific intuition to redeem the promises of salvation. Australian researchers showed in experiments with mice that it is in principle possible to breed autologous grafting material. But then appeared a completely different problem.

With the growth of human embryonic stem cells, although progress was achieved. But to get to the coveted cells, the researchers had destroyed embryos that were created in artificial insemination in reproductive clinics and were no longer needed. This put the stem cell research in an ethical dilemma: Can a few hundred or thousand embryos are sacrificed at a very early stage of their development, to develop therapies that might even millions of sick could save your life?

In Germany, at least the legal answer to this ethical question clearly. The Embryo Protection Act prohibits the use of embryos for research purposes. To allow stem cell research nevertheless, the German Bundestag has agreed six years ago on a compromise. Thereafter, German researchers may import embryonic stem cells from abroad when these cell lines were manufactured before 1 January 2002. Today, Parliament in Berlin discusses a shift of this date.

Many scientists would abolish these perceived as limiting control it altogether. "We're trying so far to make the best of it," says Professor Jürgen Hescheler, stem cell researcher at the University of Cologne, optimistic. In his voice but also swinging bitterness. "Germany was once part of the pioneers of embryonic stem cell research."

Germany lost leadership in international research

End of the eighties German researchers from embryonic stem cells of mice bred for the first time functional cardiomyocytes. In the Petri dish was to see how these cells regularly beat like a heart. The findings from the German mouse model has been successfully transferred ten years later in the United States and Israel on human embryonic stem cells, such as Hescheler explained.

Since then vermeldeten magazine keep making progress on the way to the body's tissue replacement. Thus it was possible, for example, to grow the precursors of brain cells in the laboratory. The aim is to produce the neurotransmitter dopamine-producing brain cells for the treatment of Parkinson's disease. And a certain type of nerve cells could one day be used to treat multiple sclerosis.

To avoid the ethically problematic embryonic stem cells, especially the so-called research with adult stem cells has been promoted in Germany. The cells obtained from bone marrow or umbilical cord blood about. You are inevitable, but do not have a lot of room to specialize. Thus, adult stem cells for therapy were injected after a heart attack in the damaged heart muscle.

There they were to mature into new, functional heart cells "These hopes were not fulfilled," says Hescheler. It remains pure "wishful thinking" that stem cells for blood formation, such as those found in bone marrow, suddenly develop in a different environment such as the heart-to-heart cells.

Since 2000 alone, the Federal Ministry of Research put nearly 50 million euros in stem cell research. 97 percent of funds invested in projects with adult stem cells. Only 1.5 million euros went to researchers working with human embryonic stem cells. Far too little, as Hescheler criticized. A total of 25 applications for the import of embryonic stem cell lines approved in Berlin so far the competent Robert Koch Institute. However, these cell lines do not come for free.

The researchers pay high license fees. The University of Wisconsin in the United States rises also in downright oppressive contracts entitled to the results, achieve the German researchers with the cell lines. "I had no choice: either I write, or I get the cells do not," says Hescheler. Only overlooking claims it would be better and more honest in his view, to allow the production of embryonic stem cell lines in Germany.

Abroad will continue to work intensively on new stem cell lines. It is no longer just for the Cultivation of replacement tissue. There is now cell lines with genetic defects which make it possible to investigate the causes of congenital heart disease. Professor Sigurd Lenzen has just ordered two embryonic stem cell lines to import from Israel. He works at the growth of insulin-producing cells. There are about five million diabetics in Germany. Lenzen and hopes to be able to offer them a therapy soon - which would be facilitated by a deferral of the deadline.

                                                             -End Of the article excerpt -

With all due respect, that in addition to envy, prejudice, misconceptions, a lack of ignorance, tolerance, as may be lack of imagination, why can enjoy going to the wrong, hasty opinions and concerns in stem cell therapy, I would like to be happy again perform Nutech Mediworld- New Delhi / India and in general - some easy to understand facts for the stemcell treatment of Dr. Geeta Shroff.

Nature itself is very wasteful of the growing life: Only a fraction of the fertilized egg implants itself in the uterus. If you can demonstrate a successful technology that helps sick people, then the ethical concerns will not be traceable.

The first heart transplant was not accompanied by an excited discussion about the identity of the people and in the Middle Ages it was considered unchristian to study the anatomy of the human body remains. Almost all ethical beliefs are deeply rooted in culture and convention.

In Japan, the transplantation of organs deemed to be problematic, while work on stem cells are not considered from the ethical point of view.

Because it comes to skin, cartilage, nerve cells, in short, the raw material of life.
However, a person is more than the sum of the individual cells, and a fertilized egg without mother who plan on playing it remains a clump of cells. Stem cells are natural and fascinating, and they are the best raw materials for a new medicine that you can imagine.

                         Frequent Question - Answer example:


It's forbidden to us !!!! This is murder!

 NO, it is not a human fetus killed, on the contrary from these living cells growing hope and new life in chronic incurable people.

This is a Embryonic stem line from artificially-fertilized eggs that have been released for research.

Alternatively, the surviving stem cells can be frozen or will be DESTROYED.
Dr. Shroff is a gynecologist and came so early stem cells in combination.

All parents of artificial insemination must be between:

a. Approval for Research

b. freeze

c. destroy

always decide the fate of the excess embryonic stem cells.

Since 2002, a cell-line exactly as Dr. Geeta Shroff  is in clinical use. They come from a donation for research and reproduced only for this A cell cycle.

- The CELLS are fertilized for 3-6 days: It is blastocysts!

Therefore, Dr. Shroff call your therapy now HPBSC (Human Pre Blastomeric Stem Cell) to define the origin of the cells prior to CLEAR.

Is there RISKS?

- Purely human biological product (unique in the world)

- No Teratumor

- NO animal ingredients

- No cross-matching

- 30% of all patients are self-physician / scientists


-Also India has strict regulations, an ethics committee selects the patient

Nutech Clinic has over 125 employees

-It A cell line used (early 2002)

- 6 Months durability certified as a medical device, therefore, can be used worldwide is already possible in principle

- The World Nutech Medi Clinic and Dr. Geeta Shroff, physicians, patients and researchers who want to get a picture on site, open to

- The costs are transparent and are always seen in relation

There are already impressive studies:



Dr. J. K. Barthakur




The book presents data from 108 chronic spinal cord injuries and their treatment in the HESC Nutech Medi World in the years 2004-2009, in graph form.

Here are some more scientific publications on HESC Human Embryonic Stem Cells and their healing potential.

Further studies and information find scientifically formulated interested in:

Dr. Aditya Bharagdway

Research Professor of Anthropology and Sociology

D + 41 22 908 58 76

Here are some general press releases / further studies on stem cells:

Understanding Embryonic Stem Cells 2006 Research Channel

Duke University - Neuron tell stemcells to grow new stemcells


Lyme Disease and Stem Cell Therapy in India in the US News

"The fact we've seen responses to light touch, heat and electrical impulses so far down in two of the patients is very unexpected," says Stephen chicken of StemCells, the company in Newark, California, developing and testing the treatment. "They're really close to normal in areas now Those In Their sensitivity," he adds.

"We are very intrigued to see patients did have Gained Considerable sensory function," says Armin Curt of Balgrist University Hospital in Zurich, Switzerland, where the patients Treated werewolf, and principal investigator in the trial.

I am honored to receive this therapy!

Here you can see my last Spect Scan - My cerebellum after the second treatment application by HPBSC in New Delhi - Summer 2011

To my critics, a big thank to you for the free PR of my adventurous and successful history and everyday motivation that brings me unjustified, as unconstructive criticism!

True to the great Bruce Lee Quote:
  "Where you attacked? Then you must be doing something right, because it engages only on who has the ball."

... I would now like to say goodbye for today!

P. S. My work in terms of Lyme borreliosis / HESC therapy education is strong and will always remain in my focus!

All Lyme and incurable Patients much strength and courage! There is always reason to hope. Always.

Nothing is impossible!

My main activity is in years and currently in the national as well as international Social Networking

You can view our information without Facebook REGISTRATION.

Just roll down ...

Deutsche Lyme Borreliose Hilfe on Facebook 

My non-Profit initiative enlightens and informs about the underestimated pandemic of Lyme borreliosis. The thing is internationally a very seriously healthcarecrisis, unfortunately I had to watch many die over the years, many people from the consequences of the disease by microbes or suicide. Destroyed by Chronic Lyme Disease lifes are real! Millions of people worldwide are desperately searching for an adjuvant helpful therapy and for recognition of their severe, multisystemic infectious disease!

This is a public health scandal with terrible suffering for those affected, the Lyme disease patients.

A must seen:

Lyme Disease a silent epidemic - Chantal Perrin France 5 Brilliant Documentary!

Lyme-disease-the-aussie-threat-part-one/Sunday Night - Healthcare Scandal in Australia

I believe in the righteousness incessantly, so I hope for all Lyme disease patients on a OVERDUE change of direction in terms of diagnosis and therapy.

Again, the future of my Actions will never stop.

And one more important note!

I am thrilled with the establishment and activities of
Please support this new german great non-profit Organisation! It brings much activity in Germany on a variety of levels. There is currently running a very important PETITION to the Minister of Health!

                                   Please support

My deepest thanks and respect to all Lyme fighters for the cause!
Around the world.

                                    Everything will be fine. Never ever give up. Never!

                                                           See you soon! Namaste.

                                                                   Healing hugs, Christine

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