Week Seven, The Breakthrough the Fog

 Now at last is a procedure. A very special.
From one of my fellow patients, also suffering from chronic neuroborreliosis, I have learned that this particular intensive procedure, a significant breakthrough for the improvement is.

It's Monday and today begins the last week of already scheduled three-day procedure.
Since Sunday night I'll be using IV antibiotics prepared in addition to this intervention.Lyme infection is still treated with antibiotics orally. The procedure-days no intramuskülären injections are used. That epidural procedure is a particularly intense introduction of stem cells.
For 3 days, millions of millions of stem cells in the brain and the spinal cord thus be brought.

A driver will meet early Monday before Nutech clinic. The ride is only a few minutes short and leads me into the district Gautam Nagar.

There lies the second clinic of Dr. Shroff and Dr. Ashish. I was already housed there for an afternoon, made for the purpose of prior procedures.

I will be greeted warmly and prepared for surgery.

In Fetallage, ie, with legs drawn up and a curved spine, the catheter is inserted.
I imagined the procedure unpleasant and painful. After the OT (Operation Theatre), I must say, I found the actual treatment time not so painful.

 However, as predicted by Dr. Ashish start now after the epidural catheter was inserted, the proper procedure.
These stem cells, introduced via a port located at the neck.

Depending on their location, the injecting part aüsserst to quite painful.

I put in the side or back position already established. I feel again when introduced and continued for hours, a strong, extremely painful sensation of pressure. Also, the dull numbness of extremities occurs again much to the fore. The prone position is most painful, at least for my condition.
Dr. Ashish confirmed that shares, the collective of patients my being. Even with the description of the personal being, we almost all feel similar and described here matches.
You sense and feel much while introducing the liquid containing the stem cells directly once a massive pressure pain, a heaviness, a huge drag ... to waste-tingling, similar to a mixture of advanced rheumatoid inflammation and a massive polyneuropathy. This is followed by calm lying over 4.5 hours on the back. The last hour stretches like rubber.
Finally, in the evening I can sit back a half hour dinner, this evening. Already comes the next injection! In the side position is this. Now it means for me to stay after 2 hours is still in that position. The pressure pain in old regions known pain is back, now it is the desired response and I must by now!
The pain is back massively. I speak too well: everything is GOOD! You can do it!
The following is a restless, first night, the strange environment makes itself felt also.
 I've been very used to my room in the Nutech and I feel really at home there. For this purpose the catheter in the back ...
I wake up frequently, and my bladder is again massively excited. This is a good sign, my feeling about the bladder control was limited.
Now I can not sleep every few hours I'm awake. I have to go to the toilet repeatedly.
Now what is it? To 4:30 I try used carefully and slowly the few steps to the toilet from the bed to make. I feel my leg muscles, the steps may become painful. I have more power.Control ... The fog in my head, he is weaker. Yes, he picks!

 If the miracles real? Is this the new life that spreads in me?
The next morning I wake up. I am speechless and can not believe it. I notice a strong general reduction in pain, I feel the first time, full force. Reluctantly, I put myself cautiously beside my bed. I want to run a few steps, I need to check if I finally got my feet without pain, or may ever wear. Full of optimism confirmed, my dearest wish. Pain-free wake up. Without long lead time, without restarting the hell out of bed and pain simply without this physical feeling tails in the day?
This is the break through the fog ... my terrible terrible, strong light sensitivity has also diminished, I notice also the duration of vertigo is better. Bladder function is still reinforced. Digestion enabled.I'm hungry! I would ask for a double portion of omelette ...This is madness, I could hardly take more food for months to me. I feel like eating.Wow! That you can not?
Inevitable nor are violent stabbing of a knife-like alt-known reactions in the abdomen, lower abdomen and pelvic area ...
The best part about the day to keep the good feeling and the reduction of my complaints, the first improvements seem stable! In my room I run again stunned small steps up and down. The wheelchair is parked! What a delight!
Here are other items and injections, Dr. Ashish every few hours seems to reintroduce injections of stem cells.Since I am in view, the frequent occurrence of severe migraine headaches, amazingly well, I agree to give an interview.
Day before yesterday I met Dr. B. in the lobby of Nutech. A young aspiring professor at the University of Edinburgh The former published studies on stem cells since 2003 proceedings of the patients of Dr. Shroff.He observed mainly spinal cord injuries and Lyme disease.I will "interview" published here, appeared when.
By early afternoon the following day, the catheter is removed! Now it's back quickly to my room after a short ride I'll be back in the World Nutech Medicare.
I can not believe it. My first impressions of the massive improvements are permanent! I dare not run the distance to the physio help tackle! Here, too, I succeed my project. It follows a first free running down in the physio room, not on the stairs, but this sequence, like my previous range, to the extent that this one felt like running 500 meters!
I can not attend in years 5 meter run. I am overwhelmed. I go after the course is still perceived strenuous physical therapy hour as a precaution to rest. Afternoon for me to feel amazingly still great! The advantage I have!For years, unbearable pain kept me captive. On Thursday, another trip to follow a modern shopping center.I enjoy deliciously here once to celebrate the day, so my new life, first with coffee and cake. And I buy a new clock, it symbolizes a new era.
I'm incredibly good shape. That's him. The breakthrough. I feel reborn.
6 years and now imprisoned here after 6 weeks in India, shaped in part by fear and doubt, has my faith, my will, perhaps even paid my courage. Especially the life-giving stem cells, given me new opportunities, a hope full of wonder.Here begins a new phase of life, which I'm sure. I am eternally grateful, and I think I had a real alternate seriously doubt that it does not work. My medical source I've found here!Many activities follow the next few days. I can companies make, it's madness, I still can not believe ...
As an astronaut who returns after a long time in space on the ground ... everything is new, unusual and beautiful.Some must be learned anew: muscles, such as nerves grow back together slowly.The imbalance is and remains anahltend with the massive problem. We focus here up the exercises.
I'm alive again. For breakfast I eat double portions, the pleasant feeling of warmth in the body continues. COLD COLD I had for years, COLD. Hands and feet no longer warmzubekommen. I have also observed a decrease in night sweat.For immune modulation I untertütze my body for months with Colostrol, even in India we know that immune system booster, here under the name Nectera Vanilla Flavour Powder on the market.

It is now Friday. Despite now as a result of the movement of muscles "troubled," I run continues.
Here the balance exercises, even with closed eyes.Here I fail.My reflexes are also checked. Significantly, for example, the reflections of the toes are persistently not triggered.
At noon on the second day I walk again Physiotherapy, despite extreme muscle soreness, I have to now by. already organized, the physio for the home and it will be noted by all the exercises my therapist Rajni.
Monsoon thunderstorms. The last two days of rain paused. Pure sunshine, the first time in weeks persistently blue sky! The break through the haze of rain and fog: I also have to survive the worst days, I feel good and feel the change process.It is also clear, however, the sun will not appear every day, it will be dark days, but their intensity will increase the good days and the bad will occur only occasionally.
I still have days where I am "tired" feel. With violent Painattaks I have to get along again.Today, before breakfast, so sober, is a blood glucose monitoring: the result is normal 103rd It followed repeated IV infusions of large stem cells. The reaction is symptom-reinforced blurred vision, reactions and Trigeminusbereich inBeinen and soles occur in a row pulling, painful reactions. Tingling in the face remind me to relax. I relax, where I meditate. Continue to think positive. Patience, patience, patience. I'm going to win. The fog in my head disappears more and more. The physical warmth and Heißhungerattaken are permanently present. perform heartburn, as in the above pregnant body shows me in my small embyonale stem cells is a biological masterpiece!My back pain is better! I notice my stamina and concentration takes to ...All is GOOD! Everything is possible.

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