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What is unique about the India treatment and what exactly are the stem cells that are applied by Dr. Geeta Shroff? 

Neurons in a human Brain  

This is the only worldwide purely human biological productThere is NO animal ingredients, content such as a carrier fluid used. An important aspect in terms of risks.

Those animal substances hold great Risks, for example, the formation of so-called Tera Tumors. Immunosuppressive effect can also be excluded. There is no isolation necessary.

Who is Dr. Geeta Shroff?

Dr. Geeta Shroff is a specialist in gynecology, an expert in artificial insemination and coming early to the issue of embryonic stem cell research in contact. She heads the World Nutech Medicare private hospital in New Delhi, in two locations, Green Park Nursing Home and Gautam Nagar. The hospital are connected laboratory, pharmacy and physiotherapy rooms. Early 90s, she developed a test for prenatal sex determination of the child.  

Soon after, you found yourself on the front pages of world press, because she had taken early in stem cell research was very significant.

Where do these stem cells come about? 

From an U.S. American couple. After the birth of twin girls who had parents, and common worldwide, the following three options for how to proceed with the further fertilized cells:
 A. destruction, since no desire for children is more B. freezing for later use C. Approved for research purposes

                                                Human Embryonic Stem Cells in vitro

Medical history of the couple was extraordinary, because there was no reference for generations of any serious disease. On the contrary, the immune system of the parents had an unusual intensity. Now it was in years of scientific research and laboratory customers, these cells not only to any breed, but Dr. Shroff was able to develop a biological carrier.

Each patient receives it were one and the same line of stem cells?

Yes. This procedure allows a reproduction of the cell cultures and a shelf life of 6 months. 
 In India, there are also strict regulations for stem cell therapy. Numerous medical certificates are in the lobby of the hospital. 30% of the patients are even doctors or scientists. The product is patented in many countries around the world.  
The vision of Dr. Geeta Shroff is to make the HPBSC treatment one day available worldwide. 

Are there long-term experience, scientifically proven treatment results and published studies?

Published Online 2010

"Details of the hESC technology Dr. Geeta Shroff has developed an economically feasible technology for the isolation of human embryonic stem cells, the cell cultures can create, which are then prepared for clinical use and stored in ready to use form with a shelf life of six months. This technology is patented in more than 100 countries worldwide, offers a safe and effective, "purely human" product for the treatment of many ailments.  
The ready to use product is universal compatible because it requires no cross-match  and has a shelf life of six months, making it globally marketable.  

The technology is used to treat many diseases clinically, including spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, diabetes, Lyme disease, cerebral palsy and autism. "

Meanwhile since 2002, more than 1000 patients from over 35 countries were treated at Nutech Mediworld Hospital (New Delhi) and the number continues to rise. 

What is the cost for treatment? How long the application usually takes?  

The embryonic stem cell therapy always requires at least two visits to India. The first treatment costs ~ $ 43,000  (approximately ~35,000 €) and includes: 8-9 weeks Hospital accommodation full board, including all internal, medical applications and shear a companion. (Caretaker) Transfer / Shuttle service between the airport and medical studies outside the clinic.  
Extra upfront costs for travel, SPECT scan, MRI, more external, Medical First and follow-up 5-9 months after initial therapy, the four weeks following therapy are carried out.  
Those applications will cost ~$ 22,000. (~17.000 €)
If you say it or think the price is exorbitant, I allow myself just a few personal thoughts suggestions:

The social, human and financial burden of suffering chronic Lyme disease, is a global public health scandal!

The patients remain to make matters worse on the high, long-term or lifelong therapy costs required to sit in the rule.  There is no cure for CHRONIC Lyme disease and treatment is even denied.
Many families are quickly expenditure incurred  50.000- 100.000 € per year in medical costs between primary care!

Did you know that a multiple sclerosis with an annual budget of up to 30,000 € must be treated on cash? Studies on Interferon are scarce. MS is incurable with conventional methods, or clarify the cause scientific? You know the answer. 

May or it is planned for the terminally ill a personal right to healing and hope?  
Did you how many people die each year as a result of proven, clinical chemotherapy with cancer ? Hesitation people undergo so-called western treatment standard. 
Of the failed attempts and forecasts, for example ALS patients are made, not to mention.

It requires courage, many treatment failings, personal research, trust and certainly a lot of burden.  

                             Lyme Protest 2014 /USA/ Infectious disease week

The HESC procedure remains experimental. I am a layman, just a deadly ill patient, that would like to share my knowledge in the first place. 
I can surly recommend that hospital in good faith. I personally appreciate the risks low. 

No serious side effects of my fellow patients, I could not even see on me or on others.

I would like to explicitly point out that I am the first german Lyme disease patient who has undergone this procedure in 2010 and 2011 

However, I would like again to my previous patients with Lyme disease (2006 - present) point preferably U.S. Americans. 80% reported a cure and are in excellent, as stabile conditions. ... 


New York Times Headquater - NYC Sep. 2014- Where is media coverage of a healthcare epidemic? Lyme Protest - End the crisis - Start the research!

In my personal opinion, Human Embryonic Stem Cells are the future of medicine. 

Moral or ethical concerns? This is about human organisms. Cells which can grow an embryo. The greatest miracle of nature. This life is and remains a life-giving life!

Hope for a cure of spinal cord injury and other incurable diseases? Why not? 

I stand up for a global legalization of Human Embryonic Stem Cell research and global application!

January 25, 2012: Blindness eased by historic stem cell treatment

  • Two people with eye degeneration both say their vision improved in the four months after they received implants of retinal pigment epithelial cells made from hESCs (human embryonic stem cells). The treatments were also safe, with no sign that the cells triggered aggressive tumours called teratomas, no sign of immune rejection of the cells, and no inflammation. The procedures were performed by Dr. Robert Lanza, a renowned stem cell scientist from Massachusetts. One of the patients, who suffered from Stargardt disease, had replacement cells made from hESCs injected into one of her eyes and noticed improvement in vision. [Source: NewScientist] 

Can Stem Cells Help Restore Neural Function after Traumatic Injury?

Can Stem Cells Help Restore Neural Function after Traumatic Injury?

Type 1 diabetes breakthrough using stem cell research raises hope for cure

Doctors use stem cell therapy to treat lung disease

Doctors at the Lung Institute in Tampa are using a lung patient’s own stem cells to help treat COPD, emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis by repairing damaged tissue.
The innovative stem cell therapy won’t be rejected because the doctors use the patients’ own cells in an FDA-approved process with growth factors. In some cases, patients are able to get rid of their oxygen tanks altogether.


Surprising Source of Stem Cells Found In Teeth

Everything is possible!

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