A Look back into "good" old Lyme

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An unusual, even extraordinary journey coming up.
I invite you to travel with me to New Delhi.

Cure for incurable by embryonic stem cells?

Science fiction? The Penicillin of the 21st century? Appears to be undisputed, the roots of the future of medicine lies in India.

Join me on my exciting journey!

My first goal is not, as might be the idyllic town of Lyme, in the state of Connecticut in the United States of America. I want that place, in the truest sense of the word, metaphorically seen behind me.
However, I just want to start here.

The road is my goal!
Lyme is one of my way, so now a stopover in "good" old Lyme.

Without ever having been on site to be Lyme plays a very important role in my life.

Maybe this place has also an impact on your life, perhaps you have, with the site more in common than you currently hold to be possible?

Why? After the village was named an infectious disease, Lyme Disease or Borreliosis.

After all, the great unknown is fundamentally undervalued one, life-threatening bacterial infection worldwide rapidly on the rise.

Ticks are mini vampires. They are represented geographically very wide.
They live on every continent and set back large geographical distances. They travel on their hosts including mice, wild animals, domestic animals, humans and birds.

Against Lyme disease is currently lack NO human vaccine.

Ticks love humid. However, not only ticks can transmit Lyme!
Some blood-sucking insects such as fleas and horseflies, blood transfusions and other means of transmission are discussed scientifically controversial.
Scientific documentation has been, for example, the bite of a horse and a mouse, as a transmission source.

Reports of Lyme infections are actually in minimum about 65 countries around the world.
In addition to numerous other tick diseases, the so-called Lyme Coinfektionen is transmitted the pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi, often unnoticed, to humans and animals.

The estimated numbers of Lyme disease infections exceed last few years, the AIDS data.

Lyme disease a modern plague? Yes. A silent, hidden pandemic.
It is fair to speak of syphilis from the forest.

The bacterial infection, Lyme disease is the deadly dozen.

Lyme disease was first observed in an outbreak in the mid 70s in Lyme.
Not until 1982 was classified and named the pathogen, the disease initially Lyme arthritis.
I had never heard of Lyme Disease today's American name, although I have lived in the mid 90s, several years in the U.S..

Since 1978, I sailed alongside countless other ignorant persons concerned diagnostic false flag, unnoticed until a few years ago, has already triggered tick diseases.

In chronological order, at the age of five years of diagnosis, "Children rheumatism" (juvenile arthritis), followed by Endometriosis, Hernia, glaucoma, Migraenes, incredible backpain, Paresthesia of the upper and lower Extremities, Chronic fatigue and Pain Syndrome, Neuritis Opticus Nerve , Polyneuropathy ...

Lyme is also called the great imitator.
How your genetic cousin, the Syphilis!

The often years or even decades misdiagnosed Lyme disease has long been my personal, unknown and mysterious companion. For decades, you stepped on repeatedly, perfectly camouflaged under diverse and changing disease patterns, which I list here may not all-it is beyond the scope.

However, six years ago, it was more than unpleasant. A long road on doctor after doctor followed, but for years could not be explained in a medical examination, provide measurable cause of my terrible symptoms & condition.

Suspicion of Lupus? Spinaltumor? Cancer? Multiple Sclerosis?...

The multiple, imitative and iridescent disease complicates the diagnosis.
The standard diagnostics failed.

A negative result excludes an active Lyme disease does NOT necessarily!

If the pathogen is not noticed early and treated as he is spreading in the body of its victim.
be infected with fatal consequences, bones, muscles, nerves and organ manifestations are typical. The brain, therefore the central nervous system can be attacked.

Did you know that you can, only a few laboratories in Germany, specific laboratory testing for Borrelia burgdorferi and other tick diseases?

If the disease is only in stage III, that is recognized in the late stage, treatment is lengthy and difficult.

Lyme takes a life.
The result too late for successful diagnosis and treatment is a hellish existence.

Nothing is as it was. All in life has changed.

What does a life with chronic Neuroborreliosis?

Most likely you imagine the state of a severe flu duration before with barely tolerable strong bone-muscle & joint pain, with a previous stroke, coupled with an incipient dementia, accompanied by fatigue and tremendous exhaustion.

They live the perceived physical and mental of efficiency of a 95 year-olds.

With that description is NOT attempt exaggeration, more like a insult to a vital, healthy people in this old age.

Another problem: You are looking good in general!

Many Lyme patients are missdiagnosed and missunderstood. Fallen through the cracks of a collapsed & misinformed medical leadership.

A social, therapeutic and diagnostic dilemma for all involved.

The late attainment of the hard-fought severely disabled badge and the early retirement status, can defuse the situation, nor relieve the suffering.

Early detected - Lyme borreliosis is the most successful treatable!

Please inform YOU NOW - underestimated the risk of Lyme borreliosis.

Please DO NOT ask your doctor or pharmacist, as a rule he is not well informed ...

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